Bachelor of THEOLOGY

This program establishes a foundation of theology and knowledge of the Christian faith through the biblical teachings of Evangelical Reformed Theology.

– Admission Qualification: High school graduate or equivalent

Master of Divinity

This is a three-year program that trains pastors for church service. 

Students in this program can be ordained through internships and exam courses.

  • Prerequisite: Bachelor’s degree required or equivalent

Master OF Christian Counseling

As members who serve the church, we nurture counselors for families, churches, and communities. Upon completion, you can apply for a Counseling License from an accredited association.

– Admission Qualification: University graduate or equivalent


Anyone who wishes to further study Christianity and theology after college can continue with the MAR program. 

  • Prerequisite: Bachelor’s degree required or equivalent


This program is for graduates of a M.Div. or M.A.R. program who wish to grow a deeper and broader theological understanding of their faith.

  • Prerequisite: MDiv or MAR degree or equivalent

BA & BA in Theology Program

In addition to our Master’s Program, Eastern Reformed Theological Seminary offers a Certificate in Theological Studies. 

Each course of study is taught at a graduate level and is designed to meet the continuing education and training needs of laymen and women in local churches.

Prerequisite for all Certificate Programs: High School diploma required or equivalent

  • Certificate in Biblical Studies

  • Certificate in Theological Studies

  • Certificate in Christian Counseling

  • Certificate in Missions

After completion of a Certificate Program, qualified students can continue their studies with a Master’s Program with a faculty members’ recommendation and a minimum of a 3.0 GPA