Eastern Reformed Theological Seminary (ERTS) strengthens Christian counseling course

Eastern Reformed Theological Seminary (ERTS, Dean, Rev. David Bon Rhee) and Cumberland University (President Chester M. Martin) have launched a joint degree program that began in the fall semester of 2020 with a strengthened Christian counseling component. 

ERTS offers a variety of counseling degrees ranging from undergraduate to doctoral levels, including: a Bachelor’s in Christian Counseling, Master’s in Christian Counseling, Master’s in Counseling, as well as a Doctorate in Christian Counseling.

Dean Pastor David Bon Rhee explains ERTS’s advantage in counseling below.

Counseling at seminary usually ends with one subject in the Master of Divinity program. However, to become a counseling expert, you need to study separately another three years. In contrast, the ERTS Master of Counseling program requires 60 credits of study, and upon completion you are immediately eligible to apply for the State Counseling License exam.

ERTS’s Master of Counseling program is more affordable than other foreign seminaries that offer formal degrees, and helps you save time by allowing credits for counseling courses to apply to the Master of Counseling. As an example, if you take one Counseling course each semester while working towards a Master of Divinity, and then wish to complete a Master of Counseling, you can finish it more quickly since some of the work you did for the former will count towards your Master of Counseling.

The schools have also formed a faculty that can teach in Korean. The faculty includes Dr. Jeong-Sook Jeong, the director of Family Touch, Professor Ki-Young Choi of Wheaton College, and President Martin of Cumberland University.

The joint degree program between the Eastern Reformed Theological Seminary and Cumberland University includes the following degrees.

The Bachelor’s degree programs include the Bachelor’s in Theological Seminary, the Bachelor’s in Christian Counseling, and the Bachelor’s in Christian Education. Master’s degree programs include the Master of Divinity and the Master of Christian Counseling. The Master of Divinity program includes the Master of Theology and the Master of Counseling. Doctorate programs include Doctor of Ministry, Doctor of Theology, Doctor of Christian Counseling, and Doctor of Biblical Philosophy.

More information can be found on the school’s website (ertsnj.org), and inquiries can be made by email (ertsinfo@gmail.com) or by phone (201-488-0492, 718-787-8999).

ⓒ Amennet News (USAamen.net)