Eastern Reformed Theological Seminary trusts that the Old, New Testament of scripture reflect an inspired, infallible word of God, we educate students to be cultivated by a highly educated professor who is of good reputation. Within a different program, with the English course as our highlighted significance, we sufficiently educate each student to be able to become a pastor and missionary to preach and give a sermon in English. It is also seminary’s prospective goal to link the student to an ATS afflicted schools to be able to graduate from our school with a proper degree for continuing education purposes.



On Sept. 25, 2018, President David Bon Rhee established a relationship with Golden Conwell Theological Seminary, Charlotte Campus, with Dr Gaston and GCTS, New Jersey, Th.M. Student orientation was held at Sansugapsan 2 in New York.

On July 5, 2019, President Rhee has registered Eastern Reformed Theological seminary: 42 Court St. Hackensack New Jersey, at the State of NJ, established MOU relationship with GCTS. On Sep.3, 2019, fall semester, M. Div. program was launched accepting 13 students. 

Since Oct. of 2018 till 2020, New Jersey ERTS has enrolled 45 students in total, On Jan. 2020 we have graduated four Th.M. students, while the rest of the student continuing to endeavor on their thesis and required courses. 

M. Div. classes were open in NJ campus. Classes of OT Survey: Tim Laniak, Hebrew Dr. Eul K. Chung, introduction to Theological Research: Prof. Sarah Koh were offered. 

On Tuesday, February 3, 2020, the ERTS New Jersey campus offered an opening service for the spring semester. And in February 2020, ERTS inaugurated a program that is equivalent to the- Master of Religion, Master of Counseling and Master of Christian Education-were established. 

In the spring of 2020, during the COVID season, we have resumed our study through ZOOM, and have cautioned the student to stay at home. We used this time to prepare our upcoming courses to promote growth for the upcoming semester in 2020. And we are continuing to prepare documentation to apply for school licensure within the state of NJ.