Greeting from the President
Dr. David Bon Rhee

“We welcome you in the name of Jesus Christ”

We sincerely welcome all of you who have been called as a member of Christ Jesus by God’s will and come to ERTS. ERTS teaches learning students who are heartily devoted to serve their ministry with God’s word and to make them understand the leading of the Holy Spirit. The Old and New Testaments are the words of God, which is precisely infallible, based on Calvinistic conservative Reformed theology, having Westminster Confession of Faith, Westminster Short Catechism as a basic doctrinal principle, teaching the governing principle prescribed by Presbyterian law, keeping traditional value, authority and order. ERTS aims to cultivate true 21st century spiritual leaders by properly discerning the words of truth who have had pastoral, mission field experiences, inviting holistic professors in intelligence, character, and spirituality. In addition, we train and nurture alay minister according to their calling, to become the leaders who work in all diverse fields of ministry. We are supporting Lord’s minister by empowering, strengthening them, to prepare their future with ministerial challenges. It is a school to intensively prepare precious stewards to go out into their church and mission fields. I hope that by the grace and peace of our God the Father, and the Lord Jesus Christ may be upon those who loves, prays, and are devoted to ERTS program.